Dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of domestic animals.



PG Animal Rescue exists for the purpose of rehabilitating and relocating abused and unwanted animals into approved homes; providing humane standard level of care to each animal in our home based facility; and, providing educational programs to the public, enabling them to increase their knowledge of care of domestic animals.



We are all about rescuing and rehabilitating animals in a humane manner for the benefit of the lives of both the animals and the families they become a part of.

At PG Animal Rescue, we offer a different rescue environment. By rescuing and rehabilitating animals in a home-based, open concept environment, we find the animals in our care transition easier and are rehabilitated quicker. Families looking to adopt an animal are also able to see how that animal behaves in a less stressed environment.


Reducing the over population of unwanted dogs, cats, and horses.


Educating people on the acceptable standards of care.


Teaching humane training of animals.


Running community programs.


“RESCUED is my favourite breed.”

~ Anonymous



Back in 2003, I found myself in need of another used saddle. I learned of a tack auction that was going to happen in Quesnel (a town approximately an hour south from Prince George). After the tack portion of the sale was over they began to bring horses through. I had never been to a tack/horse auction before and was quite naive to the whole thing. I noticed that a lot of the horses were going to a couple of the same people. I asked someone from the crowd that I was sitting beside why those people were buying so many horses. They quickly informed me that they were the "meat buyers." The meat buyers purchase the horses and then either resell them for a profit to other people or sell them in order to be processed for meat, etc. (it is a more detailed process but I will leave that for other groups to explain for now). I was completely appalled by this!!! I started to get more and more upset as I watched all of these beautiful horses being bought up by the meat buyers. A young Arabian mare came prancing through, her head and tail almost defiantly high up in the air. There was only one person bidding. By this time I was damn angry! I was determined she would not be going for meat! Looking back, I'm sure I would have mortgaged my home to prevent such an untimely demise for this beautiful filly. Luckily for me, by the time  the bidding was over I was only a couple hundred dollars poorer than when I came. After only a few months I had "Shyanne" healthy and ready to start under saddle. Little did I know that this was only the beginning.

 I couldn't get the images of those terrified auction horses out of my mind. The sound of them fighting with each other in the overcrowded holding pens resonated. I found myself at another "meat sale" and came home with two, then three at the next auction, then as many as my trailer could fit. Soon word got out that there was this lady in Prince George that would take  in unwanted horses. The horses started finding their way to me. I quickly came to realize the lack of alternatives for unwanted horses in the North. I decided to start advertising and become an official rescue. It was as if I had opened the flood gates!  Known then as Prince George Equine Rescue, it took on a life of its own. The response was incredible, the support from the community was wonderful! I quickly established a good relationship with our local SPCA and had them come out to inspect our facility. To this day, we continue to assist the SPCA with livestock seizures and rehabilitation.

Over 350 horse rescues later, we find ourselves expanded to a fabulous 160 acre property in Pineview. The rescue's name was changed to Prince George Equine and Animal Rescue Society to incorporate our expansion into small animal rescue. Most recently, we have updated our name to Prince George Animal Rescue, truly reflecting all that we do. We are set a distance off the road with two creeks, a pond, trails and fields. Not only has it become a great place to rehabilitate horses and other livestock, it is a paradise for dogs and cats as well.  Since 2013, we have rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed over 250 dogs and over 500 cats. We are more of an open concept shelter. If behaviours allow, the dogs are outside with us during the day and inside with us at night. They are a part of the family until we find them their perfect home.

~ Nicola Redpath, Owner


Some people may just be interested in viewing our facility, the animals and seeing what it is we do out here. We are happy to provide you or a group with a tour. We will also tour elementary schools.


PGARS is gearing up for our annual online auction on Facebook! The auction will run April 1st, 2019 @ 10am and bidding ends April 7th @ 10pm. This year we are fundraising for a much needed vehicle so we can stop transporting the rescues, feed etc in our personal s.u.v. (it’s taking a beating!). If you would like to donate an item or service to our auction please contact us!!!!

Reflecting back on 2018, P.G.A.R.S. has so much to be thankful for. We had a very busy year and have a lot of people to thank for their support. I apologize for forgetting anyone in this post!
THANK YOU to Brinks Group who once again donated $5000 and $5000 in wood products. We were able to complete two new horse shelters, complete the expansion on 4 paddocks and start on our permanent dog shelter. Denae, her dedicated staff from Bosley's and their amazing customers raised over $16,000. Kristina Sharma and Michal Bidrman made some fantastic flower bouquets which brought in $2000. Their tireless fundraising efforts in December, in conjunction with Scotiabank, also raised over $5000. The clients at College Heights Vet Clinic donated over $1500 including a $500 donation from Debora and Allan Nielsen in memory of their beloved Rasmus. PG Vet Clinic donated $5 for every senior blood panel. Signtek went in with John and Sharon Brinks and donated the new and improved sign at the end of our driveway. Holly and Oak Design Co. donated their time and expertise to designing our new website and logo. Dan Moffat at Northern Hardware donated all the paint for our barn's facelift. Thank you Envision Eye Health Clinic, Epicure rep. Nadine Cash, Ray and Maureen, Scott McWalter, Kirby from Pawsitive Horizons, Amanda Miller, Bernadette and Nash, Nadine Arnolt, Jamie Ploeger from Pinedale Auto-wrecking, TBJ Accounting, Love at Fursight Photography, Bone and Biscuit, Northern Acreage Farm Supplies, Melanie Lansall, Nadine Arnolt, Rick and June Taylor, Birgit Zorzi (Hurly Burly Booty!) Dr. McConnell and the amazing staff at Murdoch Vet Clinic. Kari and the dedicated staff at the SPCA clinic. Thank you to the Keller family, Karleen Serwatkewich, Michelle Prince and the Pineview community for helping us raise over $1000 to assist in the spay/neuter/vacc of a colony of feral cats in Pineview.

Thank you Thank you to all the people that have come up to the rescue and donated their bottles/cans, used tack, feed, pet toys, treats and food. Finally, thank you to our many regular contributors of our online auctions.Our last auction raised over $4000 to fund the vet costs of 5 senior dogs we took in from a retired breeder.

In 2018 we rehabilitated/re homed 81 cats, 34 dogs, 10 horses, 3 goats, 2 pigs and one highly entertaining guinea fowl! We currently have 6 dogs, 5 cats, 4 horses, 1 sheep and 1 goat available for adoption. 



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