Adoption Procedures

Adopting an animal from Prince George Animal Rescue is not a lengthy, complicated process. If there is a particular animal you are interested in possibly adopting, the first step is to fill out an application. We have adoption applications for each type of animal. The form can be filled out right here on our website and then submitted to us for review. You can contact us and come out to the rescue for an application as well.

Once you have been approved for adoption of an animal, we will go over our Adoption Agreement with you. This agreement covers expectations and legal requirements.

Dog Adoption Prince George

Our Dogs

Once you have submitted your application, the next step is to arrange a time to come out to the rescue and meet the dogs. If both parties feel it will be a good match and the adoption application is approved, we will arrange for someone to come to your residence and do a brief home inspection. This is not as intrusive as it sounds! The home check is just to ensure that you can provide a safe, healthy home and yard for this particular animal. We do not need to inspect your bedrooms or bathrooms! Many times we will bring the dog with us and the adoption can be finalized at that time.

Cat Adoptions Prince George

Our Cats

Many of the cats that we rescue go directly to Bosley's Pets (across from SuperStore). Although it is not an ideal environment, it is temporary and the cats receive far more exposure to the public than they would out at the rescue. This enables them to find new loving homes much quicker and opens up spots for others needing rescue.

Adoption applications can be filled out right at the store and the staff will forward them on to us for review. You may also complete our online application below. Once the application has been approved, you can pick up your cat right from Bosley's, sign your adoption forms and pay the applicable adoption fee.

Rescue Adoptions Prince George

Our Horses & Livestock

Adoption procedures for horses and other livestock are similar to that of dogs. The main difference is that we will require an outdoor facility check once the application has been approved. Other arrangements can be made if we are unable to come out to your property.

If you are applying to adopt an unstarted horse and feel you can do the training yourself, you will be required to briefly work that horse in our round pen here at the rescue so we can confirm your training experience. We do this to avoid injury and to ensure the horse's future isn't compromised due to lack of experience. We do recommend horses be started and/or finished by a professional trainer and can recommend several repuatable ones.


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