Surrendering Your Animal


The Difficult Decision to Surrender

Surrendering your animal can be a very difficult decision. We understand and respect that. Hopefully all avenues to keep your animal have been explored prior to contacting us. Your name and personal information is kept confidential and we are always happy to keep you informed on how your pet is doing.

The first step is to fill out our Surrender Questionnaire. This form is very important in assisting us in caring for your animal as well as matching them up with the most suitable home. Disclosing ALL information about your animal's health and behaviors is essential. If we are able to accept  your animal into our rescue you are welcome to come and tour our facility before or at the time you drop them off. If you are unable to personally bring your animal in, arrangements can usually be made for transport (eg. families living out of the Prince George area.)

Surrendered cats are usually sent to our sponsor, Bosley's, for adoption so long as they are comfortable there. We have found that we are able to place cats much faster this way than having them at the rescue. If a cat is not doing well in the store environment then we keep them at the rescue or find an appropriate foster home for them until they are adopted.

Most dogs that are accepted into the rescue live as part of our family. If their behaviour permits, they are outside and off leash with us and our own personal animals. When we are inside, the dogs are with us as well. We have large outdoor kennels for the dogs if they do need to be contained once in awhile. Generally we cannot accept an animal with human aggression. We have made exceptions, given certain circumstances, but please remember that we have children of our own, boarders and volunteers that come out to the rescue. We can't risk them being hurt by an aggressive animal.